WELCOME TO Ubagara Madha shrine

Ubagara Madha shrine was built around 250 years ago and it stands as a witness for the very many miracles done to good number of people through Our Lady of Ransom ( Ubagara Madha) and for the faith of the people in and the village- Elnapatti. The time of construction is said to be the period of Veeramamunivar ( Joseph Beski).


Madha Prayer

Mother of Help, the World lauds you
My Mother, I have none other than you to care for me
My Mother, I know not what to do when enemies
surround me in all corners.
O my Mother! I am unable to enjoy your
beloved son’s gifts of Redemption as my
sinful halts remain as stimulating block
do come and help me in moments & sufferings.
I remember & your help
to the Spaniards so that they might be liberated
from their slavery.
The World is aware to your assistance to the Church
when the heretic Albigensians brought confusion in the Church
you removed every evil through the weapon of Holy Rosary
which you have given through St. Dominic
You are the Protection of the living.
Salvations of the Dying Let our tongue proclaim your Holy Name,
especially in the Month of trials and death. Amen!!

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